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The ZW Foundation was established in 2019 in Toruń. Our main goals are the initiation and dissemination of artistic, cultural and nature education, the integration of diverse communities for mutual support and exchange of experiences, as well as educational activities for artists, animators, cultural institutions, education and non-governmental organisations. We carry out all our activities on the basis of the Foundation's art collection, whose holdings represent a historical cross-section from antiquity to the works of contemporary artists. When working with contemporary artists, we try to support their activities by purchasing works for the collection, organising exhibitions as well as providing substantive support for their activities and producing publications.

From the very beginning, we have planned to establish an institution that would act as a cross-sectional Art History Gallery, a place for temporary exhibitions - especially of young artists working in the area of new technologies, experimenting with content and form, and educational spaces. We believe that by educating the youngest generations in respect for culture, sensitising them to art and the beauty of the surrounding world, we are able to foster openness to others and the world and inspire young people to act according to their passions.

An important aim of the ZW Foundation is to care for and promote the artistic legacy of Natalia LL - a conceptual artist, one of the most important Polish artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. We partner in exhibitions, support researchers, and constantly develop archival materials donated by the artist, which are of great importance for research on conceptual art in Europe.

ZW Foundation Statute



Mateusz Kozieradzki


Mateusz created the institution with the aim of art collection and establishing a library. He graduated from the History of Art at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and is the author of critical and scientific texts. Mateusz was the curator at the Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń (2016–2021) and has produced many exhibitions in Poland and abroad including: retrospective exhibitions of Natalia LL 'Sum ergo sum' (Toruń and Kaunas) as well as other interdisciplinary exhibitions about connections between art and fashion. Kozieradzki is also the curator of performative and paratheatrical actions. His main research focuses on the mutual influence of nature and art (ecological art, shamanism) and postwar European art, especially neo-avantgarde. He lives and works in Toruń.


Dawid Lewandowski


He earned his Master of Arts degree in 2019 from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, and continued his education with a degree in Psychology of Advertising and Communication at the School of Banking. Professionally associated with cultural marketing and education in promotional activities for artists. Author of critical and popular texts on art and culture, curator of exhibitions. Particularly interested in the possibilities of using new technologies in art and education. He lives and works in Toruń.


Karol Kozieł


Edward Lach

Maciej Ferenc

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