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Principles of sharing works of art, objects, archives and library collections of the ZW Foundation:


  1. Everyone who has completed the eighteenth year of age can use the resources of the ZW Foundation collection;

  2. The use of resources is free;

  3. It is possible to take notes with a pencil. It is forbidden to use pens and photograph objects, in the case of valuable or fragile objects, the visitor may be asked to use protective gloves;

  4. An inventory number is assigned to each object in the resources. The collections were categorized in twenty-five departments. Inventory books are not shared;

  5. Collections are made available only at the registered office of the foundation after making an appointment for a specific time, whereas one session of using the materials at one time can not last longer than two hours;

  6. Information on the collection can be obtained at

  7. Collections are made available by contacting the foundation by e-mail ( or by mail (87-100 Toruń, Moniuszki 9/4). The appointments must be made at least two weeks in advance. The request must contain a brief description of the purpose of the query;

  8. In the case of library objects of special artistic, historical or scientific value, the ZW Foundation authorities reserve the right to make photocopies available;

  9. In the case of students, it is recommended to attach a letter of recommendation from the teacher to the request;

  10. Upon using the resources the rules must be signed by the visitor.

  11. ZW Foundation reserves the right to refuse access to facilities without giving reasons;

  12. ZW Foundation lends objects for temporary exhibitions. Renting of works by state institutions is free;

  13. It is necessary to inform the foundation authorities about the willingness to rent the facility not earlier than four months before the planned exhibition. The details of each rental are set individually;

  14. The fund has one month to issue a decision from the moment the request is received;

  15. Each time it is required to sign an agreement between the ZW Foundation and the borrowing institution;

  16. The Foundation reserves the right to refuse to rent without giving reasons;

  17. ZW Foundation provides free photographic reproductions of facilities for educational and scientific purposes. If the Foundation does not have reproduction rights, it can inform where to obtain ones;

  18. In case of commercial use of object reproduction, the request will always be treated and discussed individually;

  19. Sharing photographic materials for printing must be done in accordance with the statutory objectives of the ZW Foundation;

  20. In case of using foundation’s photographs, the author of the publication or the publisher agrees to provide three copies of printed materials free of charge to the library's collection of the foundation;

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