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An important part of the ZW Foundation's activity is the protection and promotion of the artistic heritage of one of the most important Polish female artists of the second half of the twentieth century - Natalia LL.


In order to create and provide the best possible area for research on the artist, the Archive of Natalia LL was established in the premises of the foundation. Materials (in the form of originals or copies) are archived according to the artist's work as well as the areas closely related to her. Currently, the collection has several thousand inventory numbers. However, the archive is in the continuous process of being enlarged and developed. As a resource, it will serve as an open-ended collection. 

The resources were collected for a few years before the foundation was established. The main part consists of materials provided by the artist herself as well as artworks collected by the founders of the foundation. Primary purchases and donations played a significant role in the process of forming the collection. Many catalogues are extremely rare today as they were not published frequently. The foundation is therefore extremely proud to be in possession of such precious and unique volumes. 


Our artworks and objects reflect the image of Natalia LL's work over the period of individual decades. Many of them have been reproduced by the artist as their current location is unknown. An important element of the collection are the texts written by the artist herself as well as the writings of critics and art historians relating to her extensive practice. Artworks known to the international art market are illustrated by the collection of auction catalogues, which prove a huge and ongoing interest in the works of Natalia LL. Moreover, an extensive collection of catalogues of exhibitions allows the visitors to view all of the shows the artist participated in. Many of them include exhibitions that played a significant role in the art history, especially in relation to pioneering presentations of new trends or feminist art. 


Another significant part of the collection are the leaflets, artistic prints, publications and catalogues donated to the artist by friends. Among many significant creators was Hermann Nitsch. Furthermore, a complete collection of publications related to the PERMAFO Gallery; run in 1970-1981 by Natalia LL, Andrzej Lachowicz, Zbigniew Dłubak and Antoni Dzieduszycki in Wrocław; is an important part of the archive.


The artist's interests, often having a key impact on her art, are illustrated by books from her private library, mainly composed of writings by various influential philosophers. Apart from her artistic practice, Natalia LL was also involved in the practice of design. The Foundation stores a rich collection of advertising materials, newspapers, posters as well as catalogues created by the artist. These objects associated with everyday life are distinguished by an interesting form as well as innovative technique. The artist often made advertising photographs of household appliances, landscape photography for calendars, posters and exhibition folders.


In addition, the foundation runs a bibliography of publications related to the artist. The institution continuously acquires newly published texts and catalogues. Apart from the bibliography,

a list of artist's exhibitions is archived including an extensive photographic documentation of the shows.


A separate group of artworks stored in the archive are photographs. They document many important aspects of Natalia LL’s life and work. The foundation collects photographs in the form of negatives, prints, digital files or diapositives. The institution also offers of a large stock of reproductions of the artist's works, which create an increasingly full catalogue of her achievements.


The foundation has in its collection an extremely valuable collection of Natalia LL’s works. In many cases, due to their specific nature and safety as well as with regards to the conservation aspects, the works are stored in individual sections of the collection. This allows us to create the best conditions for storing objects.


The above mentioned collections are always available to researchers at the foundation's headquarters as well as for temporary exhibitions.

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Natalia LL (1937-2022). In 1963, she received her diploma from the State High School of Arts in Wrocław (currently the Academy of Fine Arts), where she studied under the supervision of Professor Stanisław Dawski. One year later she became a member of ZPAF, the Polish Art Photographers’ Association. From 1970 to 1981 she ran, together with Andrzej Lachowicz, Zbigniew Dłubak and Antoni Dzieduszycki, the PERMAFO Gallery, staging exhibitions and designing publications. Their activities largely contributed to the development of neo-avant-garde tendencies in Poland. Together with Andrzej Will and Andrzej Lachowicz, she organized the International Drawing Triennial, acting as its curator and vice-president. In 1975, she joined the international feminist movement, participating in numerous symposiums and shows. In 1977, she went to New York as a Kościuszko Foundation grantee. In May 2007, she was awarded the Silver Medal for Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis, in 2013 she received the Katarzyna Kobro Award, given by artists to artists and in 2018 she get the Rosa Schapire Art Prize . From 2004 to 2013 she worked as a senior lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań (currently University of the Arts Poznań). Her works are classified as conceptual art, photo art or body art. She works in painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video, performance and drawing. 

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